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Foreign Languages

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Bachelor of Arts Programs

Program Descriptions, Department Requirements and Policies
BA Degree Planning Maps: French, German, Spanish

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The department offers Bachelor of Arts majors and minors in French, German and Spanish.  The BA degree is intended for those interested in pursuing graduate school, entering the workplace or general cultural enrichment.  Students achieve proficiency in the language and explore the cultures of the countries where the languages is spoken.

Bachelor of Science Programs

Program Descriptions, Department Requirements and Policies
BS Degree Planning Maps

The department offers Bachelor of Science majors in French, German, and Spanish.  The BS degree for K-12 is designed to meet the requirements for teaching licensure in the state of Minnesota.  Students achieve the same proficiency as BA students in addition to the pedagogy courses and teaching experience necessary to pursue careers in the education field.  Students may also combine their BS with a minor in TESOL.

Nondegree Courses

In addition to BA and BS majors and minors, the department of Languages and Cultures also offers Introductory and Intermediate level courses in Russian, Chinese, Hmong and Japanese

Major/minor programs

All major and minor credits must be earned at the 200-level or above.

Transfer students with 8 or more credits at the 200-level may register for 301. 

Any courses from another department, designated by the language section as applicable to a major/minor in that language, needs prior approval of the adviser and must be listed on the major/minor application. Students who have a language major from another institution and who wish to add teaching licensure through the Languages and Cultures Department at SCSU should consult with an adviser about the requirements. 

For students pursuing a B.S. degree:
Students entering with a language major from another institution and who wish to add a teaching licensure through the Department of Languages and Cultures at SCSU must complete at least 3 classes in that language at SCSU, including 450 and the appropriate BS capstone course(s). Other courses should be selected in consultation with an adviser.

Special note: Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA overall and a 2.5 GPA in major courses (200-level and above) in their language(s) in order to graduate with a major/minor from this department

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