Programs in the Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Department

The finance major prepares the student for positions as financial managers and investment analysts in private business or non-profit organizations and within governmental units. Those completing the program are qualified for employment in the securities industry, financial intermediaries, financial management or investment organizations, international finance, and in government regulatory, administrative or service agencies.

Individuals majoring in real estate will be prepared to become real estate professionals. Ninety-five percent of SCSU real estate graduates work in some aspect of commercial real estate. This includes appraisal, property management, brokerage (both sales and leasing), mortgage banking, governmental assessing, and others. This is the only accredited real estate major in Minnesota.

The insurance specialization will help students prepare for working in the insurance industry and insurance-related areas such as human resources, risk management, and financial planning. Insurance is a vital industry providing employment for numerous types of careers, including accountants, information specialists, and those skilled in the medical profession. The Insurance Certificate is earned by passing (with a grade of C- or better) the five required classes;  FIRE 375 - Risk Management and Insurance, FIRE 475 - Life and Health Insurance, FIRE 476 - Property and Liability Insurance, FIRE 479 - Social Insurance, and FIRE 480 - Employee Benefits and Group Insurance. Each of these classes is worth 3 credits.

FIRE Department Academic Integrity Policy

The faculty members of the FIRE Department value absolute honesty of effort and academic integrity above all other attributes found in our students.

The student handbook clearly spells out the possible actions that can result from cheating and/or plagiarism. They range from receiving a zero on an assignment to failing a course, to being suspended or even expelled from the University.

Violations of this policy would include, but are not limited to: using information from prior students about past examinations or papers written in any FIRE Department course, sharing information during an examination, plagiarizing a published source - including but not limited to the Internet, or copying another student's homework or quiz.

The message that the FIRE Department faculty want to convey to students is: "No grade you receive in any course will be as valuable to you as your character and reputation as an honest, ethical student, alum and business person."

The HBS has a disciplinary process for dealing with issues of academic dishonesty. This process is designed to be a positive step toward eliminating academic dishonesty in the Herberger Business School. Click on the link below for additional information.

Minnesota Chair in Real Estate
Steven P. Mooney

The Minnesota Chair in Real Estate, established in 1978, was the first endowed professorship in the State University System. The chair was initially funded by individuals and organizations in the real estate industry for the purpose of providing an academic major in real estate and continuing education for real estate practitioners. Today the chair is self sustaining. Other programs of the Minnesota Chair in Real Estate include the Minnesota Real Estate Research Center.


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