About the Department of Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate

The mission of the Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate (FIRE) Department is to attract, educate, and inspire highly motivated students who seek to pursue careers in the rapidly changing global fields of:

  • banking,
  • corporate finance,
  • financial planning and investments,
  • insurance, or
  • real estate analysis.

Regardless of whether students choose Finance or Real Estate as their discipline, they are expected to display both a knowledge of quantitative valuation methodologies and a mastery of skills necessary to write effective qualitative evaluations. In short, what distinguishes the programs offered by the FIRE Department is an underlying emphasis on the complementary skills of financial analysis and effective communication.

Faculty members of the FIRE Department value:

  • enthusiasm in the classroom,
  • expertise in their chosen areas of scholarly research,
  • eagerness to involve business leaders in the education of their students, and
  • ethical decision-making.

Centennial Hall in Winter

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