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Bessie E. Campbell Emergency Loan

The Bessie E. Campbell Emergency Loan provides financial assistance to St. Cloud State University students who have unexpected, temporary emergency expenses. Allowable expenses may include auto repairs, emergency travel, medical expenses, and textbook purchases.

  • Students must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits) with no past due balance owed to the University.
  • Current students must be in good academic standing with a 2.00 GPA.
  • Student must have at least one earned SCSU credit. New entering freshmen and transfer students are not eligible for this loan during the first term of their enrollment at SCSU.
  • If a student wishes to borrow funds during semester break, the student must be pre-registered for the following semester.
  • Students may borrow up to $600. There is an origination/processing fee for all loans that is included in the loan amount - $10 processing fee for loans up to $400 and $25 processing fee for loans up to $600. This fee will be deducted from the loan proceeds. For example, if you borrow $600 your loan check will be $575.
  • Students may not have more than one outstanding emergency loan at any one time.  There is a 28 day waiting period from the payoff date before another emergency loan will be processed.
  • Loans are due within 60 days, including weekends and holidays. Any loan not paid by the due date will be subject to a $30 late fee.
  • If the loan check is not picked up from the Business Services Office (AS Building, Room 123) within five (5) business days of the check issue date, the check will be cancelled. The processing fee will still be assessed.

Apply online for the emergency loan. Funds are disbursed and repayment is managed by the St. Cloud State Business Services Office.

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