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Students have several scholarship search opportunities within and outside the University.  Keep in mind that it may take an investment of time and energy to apply for them. Remember that you may apply for multiple scholarships. Whenever applying for a scholarship not sponsored by the University, beware of scholarship scams.

St. Cloud State Scholarships

St. Cloud State's Scholarship Search for incoming freshmen, transfer, and current students lists on-campus opportunities, as well as opportunities that we are aware of within the community.

Current Students: Scholarships for current St. Cloud State students are generally awarded by the various academic departments.  To help you find scholarships at St. Cloud State for which you may qualify, the scholarship search site will compare your background with a database of available scholarships.  Only those scholarships that fit your profile are identified as matches.  If you do not wish to use the student profile, you have the option to browse all scholarships by clicking on the scholarship search link to review an alphabetical listing of all scholarships.

Incoming Freshmen: St. Cloud State University seeks to reward high achieving students for their academic successes through various scholarship opportunities.  Scholarships for first year students are two types: First Year Student (Freshman) Scholarships and Foundation-Sponsored Scholarships.  The scholarship search site will allow you to see all scholarships awarded by St. Cloud State for incoming students.

Transfer Students: The Office of Admissions awards a limited number of scholarships to newly admitted, incoming transfer students with strong academic credentials.  To see a complete list of scholarships awarded to transfer students, click on the link above for the scholarship search site.

Private Scholarship Opportunities

Many companies, professional associations, and service organizations make scholarship awards to deserving students.  Our scholarship search site provides current information about private scholarship opportunities that we have received.  This site is updated as we receive information on additional scholarships, so be sure to check it on a regular basis.

If you want to take your scholarship search a step farther, there are a number of scholarship searches that allow you to set up a personal profile to match you with scholarship criteria.  In addition, some scholarship searches for specific populations may be available through various organizations and foundations.

When beginning your scholarship search, your best opportunities will be close to home.  A thorough check of these resources can uncover the majority of your scholarship possibilities.

  • Check with your high school counselor, your local library, and watch your local newspaper for scholarship announcements.
  • Check with employers and any organizations in which you or your parents are members.
  • If you have already selected a career field, contact professional organizations in that field for potential scholarship opportunities.

Add/Edit a Scholarship (Faculty/Staff login required)

Access and usage to add or edit scholarships are restricted to current faculty and staff of St. Cloud State University. To enter a new scholarship or to update an existing scholarship on the scholarship search site, click on the following link for the Faculty/Staff login using your StarID and password. The Faculty/Staff login is available at:

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