Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Types of Financial Aid - Federal

Loan Counseling

All borrowers under the federal Direct Loan program are required to complete loan entrance and exit counseling.

Entrance Counseling:
If you have not previously borrowed under the federal Direct Loan program, you must complete loan entrance counseling before the first loan disbursement can be made. Loan entrance counseling takes approximately 25 minutes and provides a good overview of your rights and responsibilities as a student borrower.

If you have previously borrowed and completed entrance counseling under the FFELP Program, you are not required to complete entrance counseling again. Only new borrowers are required to complete entrance counseling.

Exit Counseling
If you graduate, withdraw, or enroll less than half-time (6 credits), you must complete loan exit counseling. The loan exit counseling takes approximately 25 minutes and will help you understand your loan repayment terms and options.


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