Financial Aid Office
Types of Financial Aid


Federal Pell Grant
Eligibility for this grant is based on financial need, which is determined using a federal formula.  Eligible students must:

  • Be an undergraduate student who does not have a first bachelor’s degree.
  • Enroll in 12 or more credits per term to receive the full time award amount.  Students may receive a lower award amount when taking 1-11 credits per semester.
  • Register for all courses by the end of the free drop/add period. This is usually the sixth class day for fall and spring semesters.  If you add a class after this date, your Pell Grant will not be increased based on this change in enrollment.
  • Receive Pell Grant funds at only one school for a term.  A student taking courses at two schools during the same term may receive Pell Grant funds at only one school.
  • Have received this grant for less than six annual award amounts. If you have already received the Pell Grant for 12 full-time semesters (or its equivalent), you will not be eligible to receive this grant, even if you have not yet completed your bachelor’s degree.

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