Financial Aid Office

Cancellation of Aid

Students who receive financial aid and then withdraw from ALL of their courses prior to completing 60 percent of the semester are considered to have received unearned financial aid.  The University is then required by federal law to perform a refund calculation to determine what portion of the your (the student) aid was earned and what portion you must repay. If you receive all non-passing grades for a semester (W, F, FN, or U) and it is determined that you did not ATTEND classes for at least 60 percent of the semester you may be required to repay some of the financial aid funds you received. Your aid eligibility may also be impacted if you never attend a course for which you registered.

If you are considering withdrawing from all of your courses and would like to know how this will impact your financial aid, contact the Business Services Office, located in the Administrative Services Building, Room 123. You may also contact them at (320) 308-4014 or Further information is available at

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