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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy - Maximum Time Frame for Receiving Aid

Credits attempted at SCSU and credits accepted from other institutions are counted for determining this standard. A student who reaches or exceeds the maximum number of credits allowed will have aid terminated at the end of that term. The maximum allowable time frame for a student to complete an academic program without having financial aid terminated is outlined below:

Undergraduate: 180 attempted semester credits.
Post-baccalaureate, certificate, licensure, or graduate: Maximum attempted semester credits vary by program of study. To calculate the maximum time frame for your program, multiply the maximum credits your specific program(s) requires to graduate by 1.5. For example, if your program requires 36 credits, multiply that by 1.5 which equals 54 credits to complete your program.
Doctoral: 108 attempted semester credits.

Federal regulations require the university to measure progress toward the completion of a student’s academic program regardless of whether the student received financial aid for the terms and credits measured. Students may change majors, add a minor, participate in an internship or program of travel, etc. to enrich their educational program but must do so within the maximum allowable time frame. After you have reached the maximum attempted credits (including accepted transfer credits), you are no longer eligible to receive financial aid, whether or not you have completed your degree program.

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