Financial Aid Office

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy - Appeals

If you have been denied financial assistance because you have not maintained satisfactory academic progress, you have the right to appeal based on the following:

  • the death of a relative,
  • an injury or illness of the student
  • other special circumstances.

Examples of situations that may be appealed include:

  • A student who transferred credits to SCSU that were earned through military service which are not applicable to any specific course or degree requirements at SCSU.
  • A student who encountered a one-time major medical or significant personal problem which resulted in an extended absence from classes.

A written appeal must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office for review.

The appeal must include:

  1. an explanation of the circumstances that affected your progress, and
  2. appropriate written supporting documentation, and
  3. what has changed in your situation that will allow you to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress at the next evaluation.

You will receive a written decision in response to your appeal within six business days. If your appeal is approved you will be placed on probation and your financial aid eligibility will be reinstated for one semester or term. You may also be required to complete specific requirements contained in an academic plan developed for you by SCSU.

Appeals cannot be processed retroactively for a prior term. Any appeal information submitted to the Financial Aid Office on or after the last regularly scheduled class day (excluding finals week) of the term for which you are requesting your financial aid eligibility be reinstated will not be reviewed.

 If your appeal is denied and you feel there are factors that were not considered, a second appeal, including any additional supporting documentation, may be submitted in writing to the Director of Financial Aid. Second appeals will be reviewed by a committee and you will receive a written response within six business days.

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