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Fall semester - Have a payment arrangement

Students must have a payment arrangement on file with the SCSU Business Services Office no later than Monday, August 3, 2015 to avoid cancellation of their fall courses.

A payment arrangement includes any of the following. NOTE: you only need to meet ONE of the following in order to hold your registration:

  1. FAFSA results on file with the SCSU Financial Aid Office; or
  2. Pending financial aid as listed on your official financial aid award letter; or
  3. $300 payment; or 
  4. an approved tuition and fee payment plan; or
  5. an approved waiver that is at least equal to the amount of tuition and fees owed; or
  6. a third party authorization (Veterans' benefits, DRS, JTPA, etc.) on file with the Business Services Office that states which federal agency/program will be billed for your tuition and fees.

Questions? Please contact Business Services Office at 320-308-4012 or


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