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Nearly 45% SCSU Spring Grads - NO STUDENT LOAN DEBT!

44.9% of spring 2013 graduates from SCSU had no student loan debt. How can you graduate with little (or no) student loan debt? Top 10 ways:

10. Reduce spending, increase saving: Check your cable and phone services - do you really need the special ring tones or the expanded cable? Save 10% of each paycheck - this adds up quickly.

9. Need or want?...know the difference: Yes, you need to eat; no you don't need to eat out twice a week or have the gourmet coffee from the local java joint.

8. Use your student discount: Did you know the Metro bus is free with your SCSU ID? Or that many places offer free or reduced rates for students when you show your ID?

7. Apply for scholarships: SCSU offers a scholarship search for SCSU and private scholarships. Check it out, apply early, watch the deadlines. 

6. Reduce your credit load per semester: An option to consider - talk to your academic advisor or financial aid administrator about how this might effect your degree progress and financial aid. 

5. Get a job: All SCSU student jobs and many St. Cloud area jobs are posted online at 

4. Set up a payment plan: Only $30/semester to set it up with SCSU or with FACTS (outside vendor). Sometimes this is cheaper than accruing and repaying interest on a loan. 

3. Return excess loan funds: If you're get a financial aid overage check and it's from a loan, return some or all of the loan funds. Remember, this is not a refund - you will pay this back and pay it back with interest!

2. Borrow only what you NEED! Yes, you may need to borrow to help cover tuition, fee, and housing costs. But try paying for your meals, books, and personal expenses with savings or a job. 

1. Live like a college student while in you don't have to do it later. 

We want to help you keep your debt load to zero or to a minimum so you won't be paying on students loans 10 years (or more) after graduation. See our website for Money Management tips and resources and stop in the Financial Aid Office to talk with a staff member about how to pay for school and keep your debt load down.  


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