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Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams - Watch Out!

The start of each financial aid year brings out many scholarship and financial aid scams. 

If you receive a letter or email encouraging you to apply for scholarships or financial aid other than from the U.S. Department of Education (Federal Student Aid) or St. Cloud State University, may be a scam.

Signs of a scholarship or financial aid scam:

  • The letter or email is from an agency or company other than the U.S. Department of Education (Federal Student Aid), St. Cloud State University, or a school you listed on your FAFSA
  • You are asked to complete a Student Aid Profile or a similar form with identifying information
  • You must pay a "processing fee" - remember, applying for scholarships and financial aid is free
  • You are asked to provide a credit card number
  • The company's website ends in anything other than ".gov" or ".edu"

Beware of - you will be charged a fee for your FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)!

When in doubt, contact our office or visit the Federal Student Aid website.


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