Faculty Resource Guide

Welcome to the Faculty Resource Guide—an online repository of information and links intended to replace the Faculty Handbook. Like the Faculty Handbook, the Faculty Resource Guide includes links to policies and procedures important in teaching, advising, and research. However, these are grouped under relevant topics (like teaching, advising, or travel) so that it's easier to find relevant policies and procedures in one place—whether they're from St. Cloud State (SCSU), the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU), or sometimes from the MnSCU Board or from among Minnesota statutes.

Unlike a handbook, the Faculty Resource Guide site includes much more than policies and procedures. Material ranges from A to Z: from links to academic programs, to information concerning advising and conflict resolution; from links to curriculum processes and forms, to resources concerning diversity and equity or faculty development; from governance, to learning commitments, to technologies. The site itself is intended as a comprehensive resource designed to provide faculty with information useful to the various roles they perform in their professional lives at SCSU.

This website was developed with input from faculty and in collaboration with the Office of the Provost, the President's Office, the Office of Strategy, Planning & Effectiveness, University Communications, and Information Technology Services. It's not intended to be a static resource but will grow and change as we receive additional input from faculty and as the institution and our work within it evolves.