December 8, 2005: Facilities Master Plan Presentation (PowerPoint)

This plan has grown out of the work of many individuals at St. Cloud State
University and within MnSCU. The president created a committee
comprised of University representatives who engaged HAY•DOBBS to
create this plan update. Following the procedures of the MnSCU 2004
Facilities Master Planning Update Guide
, the planning effort included
several committee meetings to review progress of the plan and its
relevance for SCSU’s strategic and academic planning.

SCSU and HAY•DOBBS held several campus forums for input from
students, faculty and staff. Recommendations and critiques were, in
turn, incorporated into the plan and reviewed by MnSCU System staff.
The structure of this report follows MnSCU guidelines and should be
reviewed annually by the staff at SCSU.



September 23, 2005: Facilities Master Plan Update for St. Cloud State University [PDF: 17MB]

Draft-March, 2005: Facilities Master Plan Update for St. Cloud State University [PDF: 2MB]

Draft-11/23/98, REV. 7/10/1999, 1/18/2000, 2/7/2000

Table of Contents

I. Purpose Of The Plan
Campus Master Planning: Facilities Utilization
Draft-11/23/98, REV. 7/10/1999, 1/18/2000, 2/7/2000

The Facilities Strategic Plan process is intended to take the University's mission, vision and strategic planning themes and use them to drive principles for the plan. The plan will consider the assessed condition and inventory of existing facilities, the requests or issues raised across campus as each department considered its own needs and proposed new initiatives or programs.

The result is to be a guide for improvement, development and operation of the Universities facilities over the next several years.


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