Appendix D: DRAFT Office Assignment Policy
Campus Master Planning: Facilities Utilization
Draft-11/23/98, REV. 7/10/1999, 1/18/2000, 2/7/2000

The following policy is intended to be consistent with the principle of well utilized facilities and the goal of each faculty members having desirable office space. This draft was based on other standards around the country. It is a draft for review and improvement through consultation on campus.

Office space will be assigned in a priority order so that higher level needs are met before other needs are addressed within a department. If an individual department cannot meet their higher order needs they may, with the approval of the appropriate Dean, displace lower level needs of other departments.


  • Full-time faculty, regardless of rank, will have a private office. New faculty offices will be approximately 120 NASF. Existing offices of about 85 NASF will be considered the minimum for such offices.
  • 3/4 time faculty will be provided similar accommodations.
  • Faculty less than 3/4 time will be assigned shared offices with lockable personal storage.
  • Adjunct faculty teaching a single course on an intermittent basis will be provided a lockable personal storage space and an area to meet students immediately prior to or after class. (Likely this would be a conference or meeting area in the departmental office.)
  • Graduate teaching assistants would be assigned office workspace, perhaps intermittently.
  • Graduate research assistants would be assigned office workspace, perhaps intermittently.
  • Work/study and student workers would be assigned space in department or unit offices, as space is available.
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