Events for Upcoming Events

Date Time Event Name Event Type
7/2/20159:00AMFeedback ThursdaysSpecial Events
7/9/20159:00AMFeedback ThursdaysSpecial Events
7/10/20158:30AMSummer Preview DaySpecial Events
7/16/20159:00AMFeedback ThursdaysSpecial Events
7/23/20159:00AMFeedback ThursdaysSpecial Events
7/24/20158:30AMSummer Preview DaySpecial Events
7/30/20159:00AMFeedback ThursdaysSpecial Events
8/24/201510:00AMAtwood Community Farmers' MarketSpecial Events
9/1/201511:00AMAdobe Dreawmweaver 1-4 workshopsConferences & Workshops
9/2/201511:00AMAdobe Dreawmweaver 1-4 workshopsConferences & Workshops
9/3/201511:00AMPhotoshop: Part 1 of 4Conferences & Workshops
9/3/20152:00PMHTML for Beginners: Part 1 of 4Conferences & Workshops
9/3/20156:00PMHuskies Football vs. Concordia St. PaulAthletics
9/4/20157:00PMSoccer vs. Northern MichiganAthletics
9/6/201511:00AM10 Basic Steps to Start Social MediaConferences & Workshops
9/7/201510:00AMAtwood Community Farmers' MarketSpecial Events
9/8/201511:00AMAdobe Dreawmweaver 1-4 workshopsConferences & Workshops
9/10/201511:00AMPhotoshop: Part2 of 4Conferences & Workshops
9/10/20152:00PMHTML for Beginners: Part 1 of 4Conferences & Workshops
9/11/201511:00AMSmartboards, Tablet, CRS: How to engage Your AudienceConferences & Workshops
9/14/201510:00AMAtwood Community Farmers' MarketSpecial Events
9/15/201511:00AMAdobe Dreawmweaver 1-4 workshopsConferences & Workshops
9/15/20151:30PMGames in EducationConferences & Workshops
9/16/201510:00AMEducation Abroad FairSpecial Events
9/16/20152:00PMFoundations of Mobile Learning (m-learning)Conferences & Workshops
9/17/201511:00AMPhotoshop: Part 3 of 4Conferences & Workshops
9/17/20152:00PMHTML for Beginners: Part 3 of 4Conferences & Workshops
9/17/20158:00PMBlizzardshack Block PartyEntertainment
9/18/20159:00AMSCSU Family Weekend 2015Special Events
9/19/20159:00AMSCSU Family Weekend 2015Special Events
9/20/20159:00AMSCSU Family Weekend 2015Special Events
9/21/201510:00AMAtwood Community Farmers' MarketSpecial Events
9/23/20152:00PMVisuals in social mediaConferences & Workshops
9/24/201511:00AMPhotoshop: Part 4 of 4Conferences & Workshops
9/24/20152:00PMHTML for Beginners: Part 1 of 4Conferences & Workshops
9/28/201510:00AMAtwood Community Farmers' MarketSpecial Events
9/30/201511:00AMCareer/Job Fair Prep PartySpecial Events
9/30/20153:00PMLinkedIn: your college portfolio for future employmentConferences & Workshops
10/1/201510:00AMWearables and education: present and futureConferences & Workshops
10/1/20153:00PMSocial Media and Research - digital and information literacyConferences & Workshops
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