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Date Time Event Name Event Type
11/19/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Pete's DragonEntertainment
11/19/201610:30PMHuskies Cinema: Pete's DragonEntertainment
11/20/20162:00PM"Music at St. Mary's" Choir ConcertFine Arts
11/20/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Pete's DragonEntertainment
11/21/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Pete's DragonEntertainment
11/26/20162:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Minnesota DuluthAthletics
11/26/20164:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Minnesota StateAthletics
11/29/20167:00PM"Sounds of the Stadium" ConcertFine Arts
11/29/20167:30PMDead Accounts by Theresa RebeckFine Arts
11/30/20169:00AMFall Community Engagement Celebration Special Events
11/30/201611:00AMEmployer Drop-In Program!Special Events
11/30/20167:30PMDead Accounts by Theresa RebeckFine Arts
11/30/20167:30PMDead Accounts by Theresa RebeckFine Arts
12/1/20167:00PMWinter Winds at WhitneyFine Arts
12/1/20167:30PMDead Accounts by Theresa RebeckFine Arts
12/1/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: The Magnificent SevenEntertainment
12/2/20166:00PMChamber Orchestra ConcertFine Arts
12/2/20166:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Minnesota CrookstonAthletics
12/2/20167:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota DuluthAthletics
12/2/20167:30PMDead Accounts by Theresa RebeckFine Arts
12/2/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: The Magnificent SevenEntertainment
12/2/20168:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Minnesota, CrookstonAthletics
12/2/20169:00PMAtwood After DarkEntertainment
12/2/201610:30PMHuskies Cinema: The Magnificent SevenEntertainment
12/3/20168:00AMSCSU Brass DayFine Arts
12/3/20163:00PMGuest Artist: Patti Cudd, Percussion & ElectronicsFine Arts
12/3/20163:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota DuluthAthletics
12/3/20164:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Bemidji StateAthletics
12/3/20166:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Bemidji StateAthletics
12/3/20167:30PMDead Accounts by Theresa RebeckFine Arts
12/3/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: The Magnificent SevenEntertainment
12/3/201610:00PMLate SkateEntertainment
12/4/20162:00PMDead Accounts by Theresa RebeckFine Arts
12/4/20164:00PMJonathan Rydberg & Lauren Schnowske, Voice RecitalFine Arts
12/4/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: The Magnificent SevenEntertainment
12/5/20166:00PMVoice Studio RecitalFine Arts
12/6/201612:30PMCoffee House SeriesEntertainment
12/7/20164:30PMED TalksConferences & Workshops
12/7/20166:00PMWoodwind Studio RecitalFine Arts
12/7/20168:00PMGrace & Rachel Mertz, Violin RecitalFine Arts
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