Event Types

Events for September 2012

Date Time Event Name Event Type
9/10/201211:00AM10 easy steps to handle your Outlook CalendarConferences & Workshops
9/10/201211:00AMAMC Community Farmers' MarketSpecial Events
9/11/20128:00AMFraternity Recruitment WeekSpecial Events
9/11/20129:30AMInternship and PrepSpecial Events
9/11/201210:00AM10 easy steps to choose and use Google AppsConferences & Workshops
9/11/201212:00PMStudent Parent Support GroupSpecial Events
9/11/20123:30PMPDP Cafe 2Conferences & Workshops
9/11/20127:00PMSt. Cloud Symphony Orchestra Concert, Featuring the Fabulous ArmadillosEntertainment
9/12/20128:00AMFraternity Recruitment WeekSpecial Events
9/12/201210:00AMd2l workshopConferences & Workshops
9/12/201211:00AMDreamweaver 2 of 4 Conferences & Workshops
9/12/201212:00PMTornado Intercept VehicleSpecial Events
9/12/20122:00PM10 easy steps to edit your audioConferences & Workshops
9/12/20122:00PMInternship and PrepSpecial Events
9/12/20126:00PMFilm Festival: The Good, the Bad, the ForbiddenEntertainment
9/12/20128:00PMMovies In the Park: A Bug's LifeEntertainment
9/13/20128:00AMFraternity Recruitment WeekSpecial Events
9/13/201210:00AMd2l workshopConferences & Workshops
9/13/201210:00AMKyma International Sound SymposiumConferences & Workshops
9/13/201211:00AM10 easy steps to edit your videosConferences & Workshops
9/13/201212:30PMInternship and PrepSpecial Events
9/13/20123:00PMIntro to D2L Conferences & Workshops
9/13/20127:30PM5th Avenue Live! Block Party!Special Events
9/13/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Madagascar 3Entertainment
9/14/20128:00AMFraternity Recruitment WeekSpecial Events
9/14/201210:00AMKyma International Sound SymposiumConferences & Workshops
9/14/20126:00PMThe Good, The Bad and the ForbiddenEntertainment
9/14/20127:00PMKISS2012 Concert of Performers & Live ElectronicsCultural
9/14/20127:00PMTwin Cities JazzFine Arts
9/14/20127:00PMVolleyball vs. MSU MoorheadAthletics
9/14/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Madagascar 3Entertainment
9/14/201210:30PMAtwood Movie Night: Madagascar 3Entertainment
9/15/20128:00AMFraternity Recruitment WeekSpecial Events
9/15/201210:00AMKyma International Sound SymposiumConferences & Workshops
9/15/20123:00PMVolleyball vs. Northern StateAthletics
9/15/20126:00PMFootball vs. MSUAthletics
9/15/20127:00PMKISS2012 Concert of Live CinemaCultural
9/15/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Madagascar 3Entertainment
9/16/20128:00AMFraternity Recruitment WeekSpecial Events
9/16/201210:00AMKyma International Sound SymposiumConferences & Workshops
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