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Events for September 2012

Date Time Event Name Event Type
9/1/20128:00AMSTEM Scholarship Application DeadlineSpecial Events
9/1/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: The AvengersEntertainment
9/1/201210:00PMKickoff Dance in the QuarryEntertainment
9/2/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: The AvengersEntertainment
9/3/201211:00AM10 easy steps to handle an interactive (smart) boardConferences & Workshops
9/4/201210:00AMd2l workshopConferences & Workshops
9/4/201211:00AM10 easy steps to handle your file spaceConferences & Workshops
9/4/201212:00PMStudent Parent Support GroupSpecial Events
9/4/20127:00PMTake Back College!Speakers
9/5/201210:00AMd2l workshopConferences & Workshops
9/5/201211:00AMMainstreetSpecial Events
9/5/201211:00AMDreamweaver 1 of 4 Conferences & Workshops
9/5/201211:00AMMainstreet 2012Special Events
9/5/20122:00PM10 basic steps to start a blogConferences & Workshops
9/5/20124:00PMSorority Recruitment Info SessionSpecial Events
9/5/20124:00PMPDP Cafe IConferences & Workshops
9/5/20127:00PMSorority Recruitment Info SessionSpecial Events
9/5/20128:00PMMovies In the Park: Toy StoryEntertainment
9/6/201210:00AMd2l workshopConferences & Workshops
9/6/201211:00AM10 basic steps to start a wikiConferences & Workshops
9/6/201212:30PMResume Writing SeminarSpecial Events
9/6/20123:00PMIntro to D2L Conferences & Workshops
9/6/20127:30PMSorority Recruitment: Meet the Women!Special Events
9/6/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Snow White and the HuntsmanEntertainment
9/6/20129:00PMHypnotist, Jim WandEntertainment
9/7/201210:00AMd2l workshopConferences & Workshops
9/7/201211:00AM10 basic steps to start social networking Conferences & Workshops
9/7/20126:30PMSorority Recruitment: House ToursSpecial Events
9/7/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Snow White and the HuntsmanEntertainment
9/7/20129:00PMAtwood After DarkEntertainment
9/7/201210:30PMAtwood Movie Night: Snow White and the HuntsmanEntertainment
9/8/201210:30AMSorority Recruitment: Preference DaySpecial Events
9/8/20126:30PMSorority Recruitment: Bid Day Celebration!Special Events
9/8/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Snow White and the HuntsmanEntertainment
9/8/201210:00PMLate Skate!Recreation
9/9/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Snow White and the HuntsmanEntertainment
9/10/20128:00AMFraternity Recruitment WeekSpecial Events
9/10/20128:30AMeTimesheet: How to use the MnSCU ModuleConferences & Workshops
9/10/201210:00AM10 easy steps to call from your computerConferences & Workshops
9/10/201211:00AMPreferred Credit, Inc.Special Events
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