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Date Time Event Name
11/21/201412:00PMConvocation featuring Special Guests
11/21/20147:30PMOrchestra Concert
11/21/20147:30PMWilliam Shakespeare's "Hamlet"
11/22/20147:30PMWilliam Shakespeare's "Hamlet"
11/22/20147:30PMStudent Violin Recital Featuring Rachel Masters
11/23/20142:00PMWilliam Shakespeare's "Hamlet"
11/25/20147:30PMSounds of the Stadium Concert
12/3/20146:00PMStudent Composition Recital featuring works by Matthew Nelson, Devin Tomczik and Keith Parker
12/5/20145:00PMString Studio Recital
12/6/20147:30PMCelebrations Concert
12/7/20142:00PMFlute Recital featuring Jessica Koehler
12/7/20144:00PMWoodwind Studio Recital
12/10/20148:00PMVoice Area Studio Recital
12/12/20147:30PMTwin Cities Jazz
1/31/20155:00PMBig Sing Choir Concert
2/7/20152:00PMFaculty Woodwind Recital
2/9/201512:00PMPlayers & Communication Club Open Mic at Noon #1: The “Nature” of Communication
2/19/20151:00PMMN Made Festival
2/20/20151:00PMMN Made Festival
2/20/20156:00PMMN Made: Guest Artist - Tim Kaiser
2/21/20151:00PMMN Made Festival
2/21/20156:00PMMN Made: Guest Artist - Troy Rogers
2/23/20157:30PMAll in the Timing
2/23/20157:30PMAll in the Timing
2/24/20157:30PMAll in the Timing
2/24/20157:30PMAll in the Timing
2/25/20156:00PMJoint Voice Recital Feat. Hollie Bursch and Loren Monroe
2/25/20157:30PMAll in the Timing
2/27/20151:00PMReturning Student Scholarship Auditions
2/27/20157:30PMAll in the Timing
2/28/201510:00AMScholarship & Entrance Auditions
2/28/20152:00PMAll in the Timing
3/4/20157:00PMPlayers Open Mic Night #2: Fire and Forget, Reflections on Veterans’ Experiences
3/4/20158:00PMStudent Voice Recital Featuring Chris Nhotsavang
3/18/20156:00PMTristan Perich Machine Drawing and Performance
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