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Date Time Event Name
10/18/20139:30PMWInd Ensemble-Blow Out!
10/22/20137:30PMGhost Sonata
10/23/20137:30PMGhost Sonata
10/24/20137:00PMPlayers Open Mic Night #3: Liberation Poems
10/24/20137:30PMGhost Sonata
10/25/20137:30PMGhost Sonata
10/26/20137:30PMGhost Sonata
10/27/20132:00PMGhost Sonata
10/28/20137:30PMChoral Connections Concert
11/7/20137:00PMPlayers Open Mic Night #4: Hip Hop Night
11/7/20137:00PMVoices of Sepharad - free Concert Thur. Nov. 7
11/8/20134:00PMString Studio Recital
11/8/20137:30PMTwin Cities Jazz
11/10/20133:00PMNight of Broken Glass
11/13/20136:00PMStudent Composers Recital featuring works by Cassie Fry
11/14/20137:00PMCampus Band Concert
11/17/20132:00PMMusic at St. Mary's Concert
11/19/20137:30PMPercussion Collective & Cirrus Brass Concert
11/19/20137:30PMSTOP KISS
11/20/20136:00PMStudent Composers Recital featuring works by Ryan Udairam
11/20/20137:00PMPlayers Open Mic Night #5: Stories From Education Abroad
11/20/20137:30PMSTOP KISS
11/21/20137:30PMSTOP KISS
11/21/20137:30PMChamber Strings Concert
11/22/20137:30PMSTOP KISS
11/23/20137:30PMSTOP KISS
11/24/20132:00PMSTOP KISS
11/24/20133:00PMWind Ensemble Concert
11/26/20134:00PMAtwood Gallery Reception: Paths to the Future
12/3/20138:00PMTuba Recital Featuring Dwight Przybilla
12/4/20136:00PMWoodwind Studio Recital
12/5/20137:00PMRandom Art Music Fall Concert
12/5/20137:30PMSLAM Poetry Show!
12/6/201312:00PM“Encounters” presented by Trevor Wishart, New Media Guest Artist
12/6/20136:00PMVoice Studio Recital Featuring Students of Dr. Catherine Verrilli
12/6/20137:30PMSLAM Poetry Show!
12/8/20132:00PM"Shake N' Bake" Brass Concert and Bake Sale
12/11/20136:00PMStudent Voice Recital Featuring Ian Hendrickson
12/13/20137:30PMTwin Cities Jazz
1/10/20147:30PMTwin Cities Jazz
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