Events for Upcoming Events

Date Time Event Name
2/6/20165:00PMBig Sing Concert
2/17/20166:00PMJunior Voice Recital: Sarah Hanek
2/19/20161:00PMReturning Student Scholarship Auditions
2/20/20169:00AMNew Student Scholarship Auditions
2/22/20167:00PMGodfrey Reggio Trilogy Screening
2/23/20167:00PMGodfrey Reggio
2/24/20167:00PMGodfrey Reggio Trilogy Screening
2/25/20167:30PMMN MADE Festival
2/26/20167:00PMFilm Maker Godfrey Reggio Master Class - Open to the Community
3/2/20167:00PMPlayers Open Mic Night #1: The "Nature" of Communication
3/2/20167:30PMElectroacoustic Guest: Christopher Jette
3/16/20167:30PMElectroacoustic Guest: Jorritt Dijkstra
3/17/20166:00PMJunior Violin Recital: Ann Loe
3/18/20167:30PMGuest Piano Recital: Stephen Drury
3/20/20163:00PMWinter Winds Concert
3/22/20162:45PMHonor Band Concert
3/25/20166:00PMStudent Recital: Amber Kopp, bass & Andrea Kjellberg, viola
3/29/20167:00PMPlayers Open Mic Night #2: Hip Hop Night
3/30/20167:30PMFaculty Piano Recital: Shannon Sadler
4/2/20169:00AMPercussion Blowout Event
4/6/20166:00PMStudent Violin Recital: Lynnea Skeate
4/7/20167:00PMFlying Solo: Performances from the Players Solo Workshop
4/8/20162:00PMFlying Solo: Performances from the Players Solo Workshop
4/8/20166:00PMStudent Violin Recital: Laura Dahl
4/9/20162:00PMStudent Clarinet Recital: Josh Danderand
4/16/20167:30PMCelebrations Concert
4/22/20166:00PMWoodwind Studio Recital
4/23/20161:00PMStudent Horn Recital: Ann Stang
4/26/20167:30PM"Her Story, Her Song"
4/27/20167:00PMPerformance Studies Student Showcase
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