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Date Time Event Name
3/18/20139:00AMGraduate Student Appreciation Week
3/18/20134:00PMCETL Advisory Committee Meeting
3/19/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
3/21/201311:00AMSchool of Public Affairs Graduate Student Appreciation Pizza Party
3/22/201311:30AMCollaborative Learning Techniques: Roundtable Discussion
3/26/201311:45AMBudget Advisory Group
3/26/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
3/27/201310:00AMSmall Business Expo and Craft Show
3/27/20133:00PMGrad School Prep
4/2/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
4/2/20137:00PMNefarious Screening: Sex Trafficking Awareness Event
4/3/20139:00AMTravel Career Day
4/3/201310:00AMSmall Business Expo and Craft Show
4/3/20132:00PMGuide to Using LinkedIn
4/4/201312:30PMGrad School Prep
4/4/20133:30PMAuthors and Creative Scholars Reception
4/4/20137:30PMDrag Show: Dragged Through Time
4/5/20138:30AMCETL Teaching and Learning Forum
4/9/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
4/15/20137:30AMThird Annual Edible Book Festival
4/16/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
4/17/201312:00PMT&T Alumni Cassy Bedell Professional & Travel Experience
4/18/20139:00AMCommunity Engagement Celebration
4/18/20133:00PMAlumni Association Awards Ceremony and Reception
4/20/201311:00AMAlumni & Friends Post Earth Day Half Marathon Gathering
4/21/20135:00PMExcellence in Leadership Alumni Reception
4/21/20135:00PMExcellence in Leadership Banquet
4/22/20134:00PMCETL Advisory Committee Meeting
4/23/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
4/25/201311:00AMGuide to Using LinkedIn
4/26/201310:00AMSmall Business Expo and Craft Show
4/27/20139:00AMWorld’s Largest Garage Sale and Flea Market
4/30/201311:45AMBudget Advisory Group
4/30/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
5/11/201310:30AMUniversity Commencement Ceremonies
5/12/201310:30AMUniversity Commencement
5/13/20139:00AMFaculty Writing Retreat
5/14/20139:00AMFaculty Writing Retreat
5/15/20139:00AMFaculty Writing Retreat
5/16/20139:00AMFaculty Writing Retreat
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