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9/7/201210:00AMd2l workshop
9/7/201211:00AM10 basic steps to start social networking
9/10/20128:30AMeTimesheet: How to use the MnSCU Module
9/10/201210:00AM10 easy steps to call from your computer
9/10/201211:00AM10 easy steps to handle your Outlook Calendar
9/11/201210:00AM10 easy steps to choose and use Google Apps
9/11/20123:30PMPDP Cafe 2
9/12/201210:00AMd2l workshop
9/12/201211:00AMDreamweaver 2 of 4
9/12/20122:00PM10 easy steps to edit your audio
9/13/201210:00AMKyma International Sound Symposium
9/13/201210:00AMd2l workshop
9/13/201211:00AM10 easy steps to edit your videos
9/13/20123:00PMIntro to D2L
9/14/201210:00AMKyma International Sound Symposium
9/15/201210:00AMKyma International Sound Symposium
9/16/201210:00AMKyma International Sound Symposium
9/18/201210:00AM10 easy steps to handle your digital camera
9/19/201210:00AMd2l workshop
9/19/201211:00AMDreamweaver 3 of 4
9/19/20122:00PMHTML and web development 1 of 4
9/20/201210:00AMd2l workshop
9/20/201211:00AMPhotoshop, Part 1 of 4
9/20/20123:00PMIntro to D2L
9/21/201210:00AM10 easy steps to use Adobe InDesign
9/24/20128:30AMeTimesheet: How to use the MnSCU Module
9/25/201211:00AMMicrosoft Office 2010: Tips and Tricks
9/26/201210:00AMd2l workshop
9/26/201211:00AMDreamweaver 4 of 4
9/26/20122:00PMHTML and web development 2 of 4
9/27/201210:00AMd2l workshop
9/27/201211:00AMPhotoshop, Part 2 of 4
9/27/20123:00PMIntro to D2L
10/3/201210:00AMd2l workshop
10/3/20122:00PMHTML and web development 3 of 4
10/4/201210:00AMd2l workshop
10/4/201211:00AMPhotoshop, Part 3 of 4
10/4/20127:00PMGuest Speaker, Dr. William O.J. Brown, National Center for Atmospheric Research
10/8/20128:30AMeTimesheet: How to use the MnSCU Module
10/8/201210:00AM10 easy steps to set up a wireless
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