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3/19/20131:00PMMicrosoft IT Academy
3/20/20131:00PMWindows 8
3/20/20132:00PMExcel 2010/2011: Analyzing Data
3/21/20133:30PMBook Event and Workshop: Thinking, Fast and Slow
3/21/20135:30PMBig Feelings
3/25/201311:00AMDigital Photography 1 - practical lessons for learning and teaching
3/26/20132:00PMAccess 2010: The fundamentals
3/27/20131:00PMGet Motivated: How to Avoid Procrastination
3/27/20132:00PMExcel 2010/2011: Working with Macros
3/28/20135:00PMDigital Storytelling
4/1/201310:00AMPowerPoint #4 0f 6: Working with Objects
4/1/201310:00AMWord 2010 Part 2 of 8: Formatting Paragraphs and Pages
4/2/20131:00PMMicrosoft Outlook email and OWA: what, when and why
4/2/20132:00PMAccess 2010: Creating and Working with Databases
4/3/20139:00AMTravel Career Day
4/3/201310:00AMWindows 8
4/3/201311:00AMMicrosoft IT Academy
4/3/20131:00PMMicrosoft Word and alternatives
4/3/20132:00PMExcel 2010/2011: Managing and Customizing
4/4/20134:00AMDreamweaver 1 of 4
4/4/20131:00PMMicrosoft PowerPoint and alternatives
4/4/20132:00PMD2L Respondus
4/8/201310:00AMPowerPoint #5 of 6: Transitions, Animation, Multimedia
4/8/201310:00AMWord 2010 Part 3 of 8: Working with Themes and Styles
4/8/20131:00PMIntegrating other technologies in D2L: Lecture Capture and D2L
4/9/20132:00PMAccess 2010: Working with Tables and Relational Databases
4/9/20132:00PMAccess 2010: Working with Tables and Relational Databases
4/10/201311:00AMMicrosoft Access Clinic
4/10/20131:00PMIntegrating other technologies in D2L: RSS (podcasting) and D2L
4/10/20133:00PMCelebration of Scholars
4/11/20139:30AMWindows 8
4/11/20131:00PMIntegrating other technologies in D2L: Grading with Excel and D2L
4/12/201310:00AMD2L most frequently asked questions
4/12/20131:00PMIntegrating other technologies in D2L: Alternatives to D2L
4/15/201310:00AMWord 2010 Part 4 of 8: Working with Art and Charts
4/15/201310:00AMPowerPoint #6 of 6: Working with Multimedia
4/15/201311:00AMDigital Photography - Learning and Teaching with digital cameras
4/17/20134:00AMDreamweaver 2 of 4
4/18/20134:00AMDreamweaver 3 of 4
4/18/201310:00AMMicrosoft IT Academy
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