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2/19/20143:00PMEssential D2L: grades
2/20/201410:00AMD2L one-on-one
2/20/20142:00PMTechnology Instruction: Social Media and Academic Research
2/23/201410:00AMD2L one-on-one
2/25/201410:00AMAdobe Dreamweaver and Web development and design
2/25/201412:00PMMid Term Preparation: Effective Study and Exam-Taking Techniques
2/26/20142:00PMIntegrating other technologies in D2L: CRS (clickers) and D2L
2/26/20143:00PMEssential D2L: rubrics
2/26/20143:00PMEssential D2L: Discussions and Dropbox
2/27/201410:00AMD2L one-on-one
2/27/20143:00PMTechnology in education: selection of technology and curriculum choices
3/1/20148:00AMNobel Peace Prize Forum
3/6/201410:00AMD2L one-on-one
3/6/20146:30PMClimate Conversations: an Evening of Digging Deeper
3/7/20148:00AMNobel Peace Prize Forum
3/19/20143:00PMEssential D2L: content
3/20/201410:00AMD2L one-on-one
3/20/20142:00PMHMTL for beginners
3/20/20143:00PMCETL presents Steve's Book Club
3/22/20148:00AMHorizon Conference
3/25/201412:00PMGet Motivated: How to Avoid Procrastination
3/26/20142:00PMIntegrating other technologies in D2L: CRS (clickers) and D2L
3/27/201410:00AMD2L one-on-one
3/27/20142:00PMHMTL for beginners
3/28/201412:00PMCETL Presents March Book Talk
4/1/201410:00AMD2L one-on-one
4/3/201410:00AMD2L one-on-one
4/3/20142:00PMHMTL for beginners
4/3/20143:00PMCETL Presents Steve's Book Club
4/10/20142:00PMHMTL for beginners
4/10/20142:30PMBook Talk: The New Science of Learning
4/16/201412:00PMOrganization Techniques for Finals and the End of the Semester
4/17/201412:30PMBook Talk: The Way I See It
4/17/20143:00PMCETL Presents Steve's Book Club
4/18/201410:00AMD2L one-on-one
4/24/201410:00AMD2L one-on-one
5/1/20143:00PMCETL Presents Steve's Book Club
5/6/201410:00AM10 basic steps to start a blog
5/7/20142:00PMAdobe Photoshop: essentials
5/13/201410:00AMAdobe Photoshop: essentials
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