Events for Upcoming Events

Date Time Event Name
10/21/20139:00AMGlobal Social Responsibility Conference
10/21/20131:00PMPowerPoint #1 of 6: Introduction
10/22/201311:00AMCOLORS to Your Presentations
10/22/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
10/28/20131:00PMPowerPoint #2 of 6: Getting Started
10/29/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
11/4/20131:00PMPowerPoint #3 of 6: Formatting a Presentation
11/5/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
11/12/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
11/18/20131:00PM PowerPoint #4 of 6: Working with Objects
11/19/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
11/19/20135:00PMLeadership Workshop
11/25/20131:00PMPowerPoint #5 of 6: Transitions and Effects
11/26/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
12/2/20131:00PMPowerPoint #6 of 6: Wrapping it All Up
12/3/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
12/10/201312:00PMStudent Parent Support Group
1/7/20149:00AMJanuary Workshop- Keynote Event
1/7/201411:00AMJanuary Workshop - College & Department Meetings
1/8/20148:00AMJanuary Workshop - Council on Undergraduate Research
1/8/20141:00PMJanuary Workshop - Concurrent Sessions
1/9/201412:00PMJanuary Workshop - FLC Retreat
1/10/20149:00AMJanuary Workshop - New Faculty Retreat & Workshop
1/13/20141:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Technology orientation week
1/13/20143:30PMMinnesota Alliance with Youth - St. Cloud Summit
1/14/20141:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Technology orientation week
1/15/20141:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Technology orientation week
1/16/201410:00AMD2L one-on-one
1/16/20141:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Technology orientation week
1/17/20141:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Technology orientation week
1/20/20141:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: • Design Week
1/21/20141:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: • Design Week
1/22/20141:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: • Design Week
1/23/201411:00AMEssential Presentation: PowerPoint and alternatives
1/23/20141:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: • Design Week
1/23/20142:00PMTechnology Instruction: Information management and organization / Social Media
1/24/20141:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: • Design Week
1/27/20141:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: “Apps” Week
1/28/20141:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: “Apps” Week
1/29/201410:00AMAdobe Photoshop
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