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2/19/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Web 2.0
2/19/20132:00PMLearn Tech: A Course Shell Based on quality matters
2/20/20139:00AMLearn Tech: Windows 8
2/20/201310:00AMLearn Tech: Mountain Lion
2/20/20131:00PMLearn Tech: Apps Anywhere
2/20/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Web 2.0
2/20/20132:00PMPanel: How do I decide!? Tips on Buying Electronics for Home
2/21/20139:30AMADA Accessibility: Visuals for All Students
2/21/20139:45AMLearn Tech: Backup and Security for iPad
2/21/201311:00AMLearnTech: Mobile Devices for Learning and Teaching: A Discussion
2/21/20131:00PMLearn Tech: Backup and Security for Windows/Android
2/21/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Web 2.0
2/21/20132:30PMLearn Tech: Adobe Connect for Mobile
2/22/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Web 2.0
2/22/20131:00PMLearn Tech: Malware
2/22/20132:00PMLearn Tech: Information Security: Dos and Don'ts in the Workplace
2/22/20133:00PMLearn Tech: Testing in an Online Environment
2/23/201310:00AMeFolioMN, Part 1 of 2
2/24/20139:30AMeFolioMN, Part 2 of 2
2/25/201310:00AMDreamweaver 4 of 4
2/25/201311:00AMPhotoshop, Part 4 of 4
2/25/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Hybrid and Distributive Learning
2/26/20139:00AMPurchasing Control System (PCS): The Fundamentals
2/26/20139:00AMPruchasing Control System Manual Training
2/26/201310:00AMTraining Tuesdays: Microsoft Office 2010: Tips and Tricks
2/26/201312:00PMMid-term Preparation: Effective Study and Exam-Taking Techniques
2/26/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Hybrid and Distributive Learning
2/27/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Hybrid and Distributive Learning
2/27/20131:00PMD2L CourseBuilder
2/27/20131:00PMExcel 2010 / 2011: Fundamentals and Formatting
2/27/20132:00PMExcel 2010 / 2011: Working with Charts
2/28/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Hybrid and Distributive Learning
3/1/201310:00AMd2l discussion list
3/1/201311:00AMd2l dropbox
3/1/201311:00AMMicrosoft IT Academy
3/1/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Hybrid and Distributive Learning
3/1/20132:00PMDigital Storytelling
3/4/20131:00PMWindows 8
3/4/20131:00PMTechnology Instruction Week: Coding and Programing
3/5/201310:00AMTraining Tuesdays: Web Accounting and Reports
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