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12/9/20117:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota State
12/10/20119:00AMWrestling Holiday Inn/Husky Open
12/10/20111:30PMHigh School Boy's Basketball: Pelican Rapids vs. Norwood Y.A.
12/10/20112:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota State
12/16/20117:37PMMen's Hockey vs. Denver
12/17/20117:07PMMen's Hockey vs. Denver
12/29/20117:07PMMen's Hockey vs. Western Michigan
12/30/20117:07PMMen's Hockey vs. Western Michigan
1/2/20126:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Augustana
1/2/20128:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Augustana
1/3/20126:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Wayne State
1/3/20128:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Wayne State
1/6/20127:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Ohio State
1/7/20122:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Ohio State
1/14/201210:00AMSCSU Swimming and Diving Meet
1/18/20127:30PMWrestling vs. UW-Eau Claire
1/20/20122:00PMSCSU Swimming and Diving Meet
1/20/20126:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Minnesota, Crookston
1/20/20126:00PMSwim & Dive vs. St. John's/St. Ben's
1/20/20127:37PMMen's Hockey vs. North Dakota
1/20/20128:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Minnesota, Crookston
1/21/20124:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. MSU Moorhead
1/21/20126:00PMMen's Basketball vs. MSU Moorhead
1/21/20127:07PMMen's Hockey vs. North Dakota
1/27/20127:00PMWrestling vs. Augustana
1/27/20127:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota Duluth
1/28/20122:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota Duluth
1/28/20127:07PMMen's Hockey vs. Minnesota
2/2/20127:00PMWrestling vs. St. John's
2/3/20126:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Winona State
2/3/20127:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota
2/3/20128:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Winona State
2/4/20122:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota
2/4/20124:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Upper Iowa
2/4/20126:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Upper Iowa
2/6/201211:30AMFlorida Alumni and Friends Golf Classic
2/7/20127:00PMWrestling vs. UW-Eau Claire-resched. to 1/18/12
2/10/20126:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Minnesota State
2/10/20126:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. U-Mary
2/10/20127:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Wisconsin
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