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Date Time Event Name
12/3/20163:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota Duluth
12/3/20164:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Bemidji State
12/3/20166:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Bemidji State
12/9/20167:37PMMen's Hockey vs. Nebraska at Omaha
12/9/20168:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Sioux Falls
12/10/20167:07PMMen's Hockey vs. Nebraska at Omaha
12/19/20167:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Jamestown
12/30/20166:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Minot State
12/30/20168:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Minot State
12/31/20164:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of Mary
12/31/20166:00PMMen's Basketball vs. University of Mary
1/6/20177:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Colgate University
1/7/20173:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Colgate University
1/10/20177:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Minnesota Duluth
1/13/20176:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Upper Iowa
1/13/20178:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Upper Iowa
1/14/20174:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Winona State
1/14/20176:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Winona State
1/20/20173:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota State
1/20/20177:37PMMen's Hockey vs. Denver
1/21/20173:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota State
1/21/20177:07PMMen's Hockey vs. Denver
1/27/20176:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Wayne State College
1/27/20177:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota
1/27/20178:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Wayne State College
1/28/20173:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Minnesota
1/28/20174:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Augustana University (SD)
1/28/20176:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Augustana University (SD)
2/10/20173:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Bemidji State
2/10/20177:37PMMen's Hockey vs. Miami (OH)
2/11/20173:07PMWomen's Hockey vs. Bemidji State
2/11/20177:07PMMen's Hockey vs. Miami (OH)
2/17/20176:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. MSU Moorhead
2/17/20178:00PMMen's Basketball vs. MSU Moorhead
2/18/20174:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Northern State
2/18/20176:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Northern State
3/3/20177:37PMMen's Hockey vs. Colorado College
3/4/20177:07PMMen's Hockey vs. Colorado College (Senior NIght)
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