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Date Time Event Name
11/22/20139:00PMAtwood After Dark
11/22/201310:30PMAtwood Movie Night; The World's End
11/23/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night; The World's End
11/24/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night; The World's End
11/26/20136:00PM"The Flat" - free film showing: Tues. Nov. 26 @ 6:00p in Centennial Hall 100
12/4/20138:00PMOpen Mic Night
12/5/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Elysium
12/6/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Elysium
12/6/201310:30PMAtwood Movie Night: Elysium
12/7/20135:00PMBatwood Movie Knight
12/7/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Elysium
12/8/20135:00PMBatwood Movie Knight
12/8/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Elysium
12/12/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Prisoners
12/13/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Prisoners
12/13/201310:30PMAtwood Movie Night: Prisoners
12/14/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Prisoners
12/15/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Prisoners
1/16/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Nights-Ender's Game
1/17/20146:00PMLive Comedian, Eric O'Shea
1/17/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Nights-Ender's Game
1/17/201410:30PMAtwood Movie Nights-Ender's Game
1/18/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Nights-Ender's Game
1/19/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Nights-Ender's Game
1/22/20148:00PMOpen Mic Night
1/23/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Captain Phillips
1/24/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Captain Phillips
1/24/201410:30PMAtwood Movie Night: Captain Phillips
1/25/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Captain Phillips
1/26/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Captain Phillips
1/30/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Dallas Buyer's Club
1/31/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Dallas Buyer's Club
1/31/201410:30PMAtwood Movie Night: Dallas Buyer's Club
2/1/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Dallas Buyer's Club
2/2/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Dallas Buyer's Club
2/5/20148:00PMOpen Mic Night
2/6/20147:30PMLive Music Event - Country Show
2/6/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Thor: The Dark World
2/7/20145:00PMKVSC's Trivia Weekend
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