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Date Time Event Name
2/27/20138:00PMOpen Mic Night
2/28/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Skyfall
3/1/20137:00PMSt. Cloud State Student Film Festival
3/1/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Skyfall
3/1/201310:30PMAtwood Movie Night: Skyfall
3/2/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Skyfall
3/3/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Skyfall
3/21/20137:30PMLocal Live Music Series: Folk/Indie
3/21/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: This Is 40
3/22/201310:00AMBattle of the Unsigned Bands
3/22/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: This Is 40
3/22/20139:00PMAtwood After Dark
3/22/201310:30PMAtwood Movie Night: This Is 40
3/23/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: This Is 40
3/24/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: This Is 40
3/27/20138:00PMOpen Mic Night
3/28/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: The Hobbit
3/28/20139:00PMLate Night Laugh
3/29/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: The Hobbit
3/29/201310:30PMAtwood Movie Night: The Hobbit
3/30/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: The Hobbit
3/31/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: The Hobbit
4/3/20138:00PM Body Poets - Performing Arts Show
4/4/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Django Unchained
4/5/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Django Unchained
4/5/201310:30PMAtwood Movie Night: Django Unchained
4/6/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Django Unchained
4/7/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Django Unchained
4/11/20137:15PMLocal Live Music Series: Pop-Punk featuring The Picture Perfect, The Role Call
4/11/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Mama
4/12/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Mama
4/12/201310:00PMKpop Dance Party
4/12/201310:30PMAtwood Movie Night: Mama
4/13/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Mama
4/14/20138:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Mama
4/17/201312:00PMCoffee Break
4/17/20138:00PMOpen Mic Night
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