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Date Time Event Name
11/13/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night- If I Stay
11/14/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night- If I Stay
11/14/201410:30PMAtwood Movie Night- If I Stay
11/15/20146:00PMFILM: Invasion of the Body Snatchers
11/15/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night- If I Stay
11/16/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night- If I Stay
11/17/20147:00PMInternational Film Series: Wavumba
11/17/20147:00PMInternational Film Series: Shun Li and the Poet
11/19/20148:00PMOpen Mic Night
11/20/20147:00PMRuby Ibarra- Spoken Word/Rapper/Lyricist
11/20/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night- The Giver
11/21/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night- The Giver
11/21/201410:30PMAtwood Movie Night- The Giver
11/22/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night- The Giver
11/22/201410:00PMLate Skate
11/23/20146:00PMFILM: Metropolis
11/23/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night- The Giver
11/24/20147:00PMInternational Film Series: Wavumba
12/4/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night-Annabelle
12/5/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night-Annabelle
12/5/201410:30PMAtwood Movie Night-Annabelle
12/6/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night-Annabelle
12/6/201410:00PMLate Skate
12/7/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night-Annabelle
12/11/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night-Boxtrolls
12/12/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night-Boxtrolls
12/12/201410:30PMAtwood Movie Night-Boxtrolls
12/13/20146:00PMFILM: The Day the Earth Stood Still
12/13/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night-Boxtrolls
12/14/20146:00PMFILM: City Lights
12/14/20148:00PMAtwood Movie Night-Boxtrolls
1/15/20158:00PMAtwood Movie Night- Dracula Untold
1/16/20158:00PMAtwood Movie Night- Dracula Untold
1/16/201510:30PMAtwood Movie Night- Dracula Untold
1/17/20158:00PMAtwood Movie Night- Dracula Untold
1/18/20158:00PMAtwood Movie Night- Dracula Untold
1/22/20158:00PMAtwood Movie Night-Fury
1/23/20158:00PMAtwood Movie Night-Fury
1/23/201510:30PMAtwood Movie Night-Fury
1/24/20156:00PMFILM: When Worlds Collide
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