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Date Time Event Name
10/27/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Don't Breathe
10/28/20165:00PMHalloween Theatre: Hocus Pocus
10/28/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Don't Breathe
10/28/201610:30PMHuskies Cinema: Don't Breathe
10/29/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Don't Breathe
10/30/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Don't Breathe
11/3/20167:00PMKat Perkins
11/3/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Suicide Squad
11/4/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Suicide Squad
11/4/201610:30PMHuskies Cinema: Suicide Squad
11/5/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Suicide Squad
11/6/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Suicide Squad
11/8/201612:30PMCoffee House Series
11/10/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Jason Bourne
11/11/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Jason Bourne
11/11/201610:30PMHuskies Cinema: Jason Bourne
11/12/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Jason Bourne
11/12/201610:00PMLate Skate
11/13/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Jason Bourne
11/16/20168:00PMUPB Karaoke Night
11/17/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Pete's Dragon
11/18/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Pete's Dragon
11/18/201610:30PMHuskies Cinema: Pete's Dragon
11/19/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Pete's Dragon
11/20/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Pete's Dragon
12/1/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: The Magnificent Seven
12/2/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: The Magnificent Seven
12/2/20169:00PMAtwood After Dark
12/2/201610:30PMHuskies Cinema: The Magnificent Seven
12/3/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: The Magnificent Seven
12/3/201610:00PMLate Skate
12/4/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: The Magnificent Seven
12/6/201612:30PMCoffee House Series
12/8/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Bridget Jones' Baby
12/9/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Bridget Jones' Baby
12/9/201610:30PMHuskies Cinema: Bridget Jones' Baby
12/10/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Bridget Jones' Baby
12/11/20168:00PMHuskies Cinema: Bridget Jones' Baby
1/28/201710:00PMLate Skate
2/18/201710:00PMLate Skate
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