Events for Upcoming Events

Date Time Event Name
10/17/20127:30PMMovie on the Mall
10/17/20128:00PMOpen Mic Night
10/18/20125:00PMHip Hop Against Homophobia
10/18/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Dark Knight Rises
10/19/20129:00PMMovie Night: Dark Knight Rises (Special Ritsche Showing)
10/20/20129:30PMMovie Night: Dark Knight Rises (Special Halenbeck Showing)
10/21/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Dark Knight Rises
10/24/20121:00PMCoffee Break Series
10/25/20127:00PMChris Moon Ghost Hunter
10/25/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Safety Not Gaurenteed
10/26/20126:00PMCinescope: Horror Fest!
10/26/20126:00PMHorror Fest
10/26/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Safety Not Gaurenteed
10/26/201210:30PMAtwood Movie Night: Safety Not Gaurenteed
10/27/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Safety Not Gaurenteed
10/28/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Safety Not Gaurenteed
10/31/201210:00PMHalloween Dance
11/1/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Savages
11/2/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Savages
11/2/20129:00PMAtwood After Dark
11/2/201210:30PMAtwood Movie Night: Savages
11/3/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Savages
11/4/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Savages
11/8/20127:30PMLocal Live Music Series: Pop/Electro featuring Love Out Loud and Challenger
11/8/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: TED
11/9/20126:30PMCinescope: CageFest
11/9/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: TED
11/9/201210:30PMAtwood Movie Night: TED
11/10/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: TED
11/10/20128:00PMComedy Night Featuring Steve Hofstetter
11/11/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: TED
11/14/20126:00PMNuke Your Noodle Cooking Competition
11/14/20128:00PMOpen Mic Night
11/15/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Film
11/16/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Film
11/16/201210:30PMAtwood Movie Night: Film
11/17/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Film
11/18/20128:00PMAtwood Movie Night: Film
11/28/20121:00PMCoffee Break Series
11/28/20127:00PMDynamic Duo-Slam Poetry Event
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