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Date Time Event Name
8/6/20141:00PMBenton County Fair Powwow
8/25/201412:00PMOpening Ceremony, Why Treaties Matter: Self-Government in the Dakota and Ojibwe Nations
9/9/20145:00PMTribes, Connections and Treaties, Jim Jones, Keynote Speaker for Why Treaties Matter
9/20/20145:00PMSri Lankan Night '14 - "Vichithra"
10/3/201412:00PMNative Leadership Retreat
10/3/20146:00PMHorror Fest: "Night of the Living Dead"
10/16/20143:00PMOpening Celebration: The Birds of American
10/17/20146:00PMHorror Fest: "Nosferatu"
10/24/20146:00PMHorror Fest: "Shadow of the Vampire"
10/25/20145:30PMChina Night
10/26/201412:00PMKaren Cultural Day
10/29/20146:00PMHorror Fest: "House of Usher"
10/31/20146:00PMHorror Fest: "The Pit and the Pendulum"
11/1/20145:00PMDashain and Tihar Night 2014
11/5/201412:00PMFall Harvest Feast
11/9/20143:00PMPassport to the World
11/15/20145:00PMVietnamese Cultural Night
11/19/20145:00PMAmerican Indian Speaker Series
11/22/20145:00PMIncredible India cultural night
12/5/20146:00PMFILM: Cesar's Last Fast
12/6/20145:00PMAfrican Night
2/7/20155:00PMLiberian Night 2015: A Night in Liberia
2/14/20155:00PMEbony Night
2/27/20156:00PMFILM: All Power to the People: The Black Panther Party and Beyond (1996)
2/28/20155:00PMNepal Night 2015
3/20/20156:00PMFILM: The Thin Blue Line (1988)
3/25/20157:30PMBlack Jew Dialogues
3/28/20156:00PMJapan Night
4/3/20156:00PMFILM: This Film Is Not Yet Rated (2006)
4/4/20155:00PMSomali Night 2015
4/8/20151:30PMAmerican Indian Awareness Week
4/9/201512:30PMAmerican Indian Awareness Week
4/10/20156:00PMAmerican Indian Awareness Week
4/11/20151:00PMAmerican Indian Awareness Week
4/18/20155:00PMISA Global Gala
4/20/201511:00AMSri Lankan Food Festival
4/29/20156:00PMDanzante por Amor [For the love of Aztec Danzing]
5/16/20152:00PMAsian-Pacific Women's Forum fundraiser
8/21/20154:00PMEducation Abroad- SEE YOURSELF [t[here
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