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Date Time Event Name
12/5/20114:00PMCycle 'N' Sculpt
12/6/201112:15PMAtwood Yoga
12/6/20116:00PMInformation Technology and Security Club
12/7/201112:15PMAtwood Yoga
12/9/20115:30PMReckids Super Friday
12/10/20118:30AMReckids Girls in Action
12/10/20119:30AMReckids Girls in Action
12/12/20116:00AMCampus Rec Free Week
12/13/20116:00AMCampus Rec Free Week
12/13/20116:00PMInformation Technology and Security Club
12/14/20116:00AMCampus Rec Free Week
12/15/20116:00AMCampus Rec Free Week
12/16/20116:00AMCampus Rec Free Week
1/12/20126:00PMInformation Technology and Security Club Meeting / Lab
1/14/201210:00PMLate Skate Saturdays
1/19/20126:00PMInformation Technology and Security Club Meeting / Lab
1/19/20128:00PMFilm "Footloose"
1/20/20128:00PMFilm "Footloose"
1/20/20129:00PMHalenbeck After Dark
1/21/20128:00PMFilm "Footloose"
1/21/201210:30PMFilm "Footloose"
1/22/20128:00PMFilm "Footloose"
1/26/20126:00PMInformation Technology and Security Club Meeting / Lab
1/26/20128:00PMFilm "Paranormal Activity 3"
1/27/20128:00PMFilm "Paranormal Activity 3"
1/27/201210:30PMFilm "Paranormal Activity 3"
1/28/20128:00PMFilm "Paranormal Activity 3"
1/29/20128:00PMFilm "Paranormal Activity 3"
2/2/20126:00PMInformation Technology and Security Club Meeting / Lab
2/2/20128:00PMFilm "The Three Musketeers"
2/3/20128:00PMFilm "The Three Musketeers"
2/3/201210:30PMFilm "The Three Musketeers"
2/4/20128:00PMFilm "The Three Musketeers"
2/5/20128:00PMFilm "The Three Musketeers"
2/9/20126:00PMInformation Technology and Security Club Meeting / Lab
2/9/20128:00PMFilm "Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 1"
2/10/20126:00PMRec Kids Super Friday- "Be Mine"
2/10/20128:00PMFilm "Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 1"
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