ETS - Environmental and Technological Studieslinking the natural and human-made worldCollege of Science & Engineering



The department is housed in Headley Hall, a classroom and laboratory facility centrally located on the campus.


The CAD/CAM and Environmental Modeling Center incorporates workstations with the latest CAD, CAM, CIM and environmental modeling software.

The Construction Center provides both practical and experimental approaches to residential and commercial construction, as well as introductory to advanced woodworking.

The Environmental Instrumentation Center is designed primarily for environmental experimentation and analysis of air, water, and soils.

The Environmental Soils Center is available for research and instruction in topics related to soils and environmental quality.

The Flexible Manufacturing Center contains mobile equipment necessary to setup and operate a simulated industry. Including a polymers area, and printing technologies.

The Manufacturing Center (machine and thermal technologies) incorporate the latest in manufacturing equipment and techniques. Included in this area are facilities for product design, casting, machining.

The Product Design Center (CNC and CAM), computer simulation, rapid prototyping, robotics, and graphic practices.

The Transportation/Energy Center is designed primarily for experimentation and problem solving in transportation and energy.

Student in CAD lab
Learn the latest in design.
High milage vehicle
Construct high mileage vehicles.
Student in environmental lab   Student working on Habitat for Humanity home
Investigate environmental issues.
Build your community.
Student in Manufacturing lab
Be creative.
Student in CAD lab
Have fun!


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