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2007 Advisory Board Meeting Photos

Advisory board large group picture
2007 Environmental & Technological Studies Advisory Board
Front, from left: Don Richard, Chuck Rose, Julie Klocker, Melissa Roelike, Sue McGuire, and Balsy Kasi. 2nd Row: Dennis Fuchs, Mike Lindstrom, Mitch Bender, Riley Maanum, and Shane Lund. 3rd Row: Joe Storlien, Mike Kukuk, Nathan Thiesfeld, Sandy Fabian, and Al Walz. Back: Jim Nicholson, Tony Akubue, Mike Lehn, and Kurt Helgeson.
Environmental advisory board subgroup photo
Environmental Subcommittee
Front, from left: Julie Klocker, Melissa Roelike, and Sue McGuire. Middle: Don Richard, Chuck Rose, and Riley Maanum. Back: Dennis Fuchs, Joseph Storlien, Mitch Bender, and Shane Lund.
Technology Advisory board subgroup photo
Technology Subcommittee
Front, from left: Mike Kukuk, Mike Lindstrom, Nathan Thiesfeld, Balsy Kasi, and Al Walz. Back: Jim Nicholson, Tony Akubue, Sandy Fabian, Mike Lehn, and Kurt Helgeson.
Dr. Don Richard of Barr Engineering in discussion
Don Richard in discussion with the environmental subgroup.
Advisory board looking at 3D printer
Balsy Kasi and Sandy Fabian discussing the 3-D printer with a technician from Haldeman-Homme, Inc.
Mike Lindstrom and Mike Kukuk watch the 3D printer at work
Mike Lindstrom and Mike Kukuk watching the 3-D printer in progress.
Riley, Dennis, Melissa, and Don in discussion
Riley Maanum, Dennis Fuchs, Melissa Roelike, and Don Richard during advisory board discussions.
Nathan discusses the 3D printer with Sandy
Nathan Thiesfeld demonstrating products made by the 3-D printer to Sandy Fabian.
Sandy and Mike during the board meeting
Sandy Fabian and Mike Lindstrom during discussion.
Mike and Mike during the board meeting
Nathan Thiesfeld and Mike Kukuk during advisory board discussions.
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