Ethnic Studies -- St. Cloud State University


Racial Issues Courses:

ETHS 201-Introduction to Ethnic Studies


ETHS 205-Introduction to Chicano/a Studies


ETHS 210-Introduction to American Indian Studies


ETHS 215-Introduction to Asian American Studies


ETHS 220-Introduction to African American Studies


More Courses:

ETHS 301-Special Topics in American Indian Studies


ETHS 305-Topics in Ethnic Studies


ETHS 307-Chicano/a Cultural Expressions


ETHS 308-African American Cultural Expressions


ETHS 310-American Indian in the Social Studies Curriculum


ETHS 312-American Indian Women’s Lives


ETHS/ANTH 313–Hmong Culture and Society


ETHS/ANTH 315–Asian Ethnicity in Homelands and Diaspora Communities


ETHS 325-Study Abroad in the Americas


ETHS 335–Asian Pacific American Women


ETHS 345–Asian Pacific Americans in Popular Culture


ETHS 350-Minorities in Latin America


ETHS 401-Senior Seminar in Ethnic Studies


ETHS 407-Contemporary Issues in Chicano/a Studies


ETHS 410-Contemporary American Indian Issues


ETHS 405/505-Women of Color in the US


ETHS 408/508-Major Works in African American Studies


ETHS 425/525-Contemporary Asian Pacific American Issues


ETHS/ANTH 472/572-Fieldwork in Asian Homelands and Diaspora Communities



For course descriptions, please see the Undergraduate Bulletin.

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