Rhetoric and Writing

What students are saying about the value of these programs

The Rhetoric and Writing classes I've taken at SCSU have drastically increased the clarity, conciseness, and general quality of my writing. The skills I've learned are valuable to virtually any profession and I constantly find myself applying things I've learned in classes to my other courses and daily life.
–Carisa Kampa, Senior, Rhetoric and Applied Writing/Mass Communication Major

The Rhetoric and Writing courses at SCSU really helped me become a better writer by showing me various styles and techniques to better communicate ideas to an audience.
–Eric Latterell, Senior, English Major

Courses in Rhetoric and Writing help students improve their writing ability as well as general rhetorical savvy-ness. Rhetoric connects everyone and the more we can understand how rhetoric shapes our perceptions of reality, the more we can improve life for people all over the planet.
–Matt Helm, Graduate Student, Rhetoric and Writing

Rhetoric defines how we communicate; it is useful knowledge for a career in any background.
–Matt Koethe, Senior, Rhetoric and Applied Writing/Mass Communication Major

Studying Rhetoric and Writing has helped me to understand how better to teach writing courses.
–Olivia Hoff, Graduate Student, English: Rhetoric and Writing

In taking courses in Rhetoric I learned empowering ways to understand the world. You really learn alternative/marginalized perspectives—which paint a complex, interesting picture of life. I also enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of rhetoric; I was able to integrate numerous subject-interests (psychology, communication, social justice, etc.).
–Erin Schaefer, Graduate Student, Information Media

The number one quality companies are looking for in employees is communication skills. The ability to know how to communicate in a wide variety of styles and applications is one that will help secure employment, even in this difficult economy. I know that the Rhetoric program at SCSU has made me more marketable as an employee.
–Heidi Perreault, Junior, Rhetoric and Writing Major

Rhetoric courses have challenged and rewarded me in a way that no other courses have. Through these courses I have gained the tools necessary to look critically at the world and become a more active participant in it. I have been given power.
–Maureen Janssen, Senior, Rhetoric and Applied Writing Major

Rhetoric and Writing courses are valuable because the information presented can be applied to all aspects and interests in your life.
–Elizabeth Kelly, Graduate Student, English: Rhetoric and Writing

Rhetoric and Writing courses have taught me to think outside the box.
–David McCoy, Senior, Mass Communication Major, Rhetoric & Writing Minor

Rhetoric & Writing courses make you look at meaning. It helps you understand why everything is the way it is and is very helpful in other aspects of every career. It has been very valuable to me.
–Samantha South, Senior, Mass Communication Major, Rhetoric and Applied Writing Minor

Studying Rhetoric gives you the necessary tools to better analyze the world around you.
–Patrick Henz, Senior, Television Production Major

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