Southeast Asian Connections

Jim first went to Southeast Asia in 1983 as the TEFL coordinate for the Western Universities Agricultural Education (WUAE) program.  He lived and taught in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia for four years.

The majority of his time was on the WUAE program.  This AID program through the University of Kentucky was developed to assist Indonesian University Lectures from Agriculture College from ten public universities on Sumatra and Kalimantan to go to the US and complete MA and Ph. D. degrees.  Jim set up and supervised the English language program for these Indonesian scholars and the project ended up with over 250 professors going to the US and completing their graduate degrees.

His work in Indonesia also included:

  1. Curriculum development for the SECID-ADB Project—UNSRI, Palembang, Indonesia;
  2. Assessment and course design for the Polytech Center, World Bank Project,  Bandung, Indonesia; and
  3. Intensive English Program Direction for the Polytech Center Program through the University of Kentucky with 50 of 51 program participants successfully completing both their ESL studies and their graduate degree programs.

Lastly, Jim has been the Malaysian Student Association Advisor for now almost 16 years.

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