TESL MA Degree Options

TESL Master's Program

For the TESL MA, the degree program is divided into four areas for either the Plan A Thesis Option or the Plan B Starred Paper Option:

Linguistics, and
Plan A
1 course; 6 thesis credits
5 courses
2 courses
2 courses
10 courses; 6 thesis credits
Plan B
2 courses
5 courses
3 courses
2 courses
12 courses

Please note that all course are offered for three credits and so both Plan A and Plan B add up to a 36 credit program.

While traditionalists will generally argue that thesis option or Plan A is preferred for those seeking admission to Ph. D. programs, we have had students who have published both of their starred papers and improved their chances of admission to the Ph. S. through such publication.  In other words, both options can lead to Ph. D. studies.

Students often ask:  what is the difference between Plan A and Plan B?  For writing, Plan A and Plan B are approximately the same, as Plan A generally results in a 60 page thesis and Plan B in two 30 page starred papers.  Most students choose Plan A as it requires fewer courses.  But some students choose Plan B, because they have two good ideas for a thesis and instead of choosing between them, they write two starred papers.  In some cases, when one starred paper becomes the length of a thesis, faculty members have agreed to a one starred paper exception.  Some students also choose Plan B, because they would like to take more courses in the program.

For more information email the TESL Director, Jim Robinson at:  jhrobinson@stcloudstate.edu.

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