K-12 ESL Licensing Graduate Option

TESL Master's Program

Students who are admitted to the TESL MA may also seek Minnesota Licensure in ESL at the K-12 level:   the K-12 ESL license.  This license is required to teach ESL in all elementary and secondary in Minnesota and is often required for Adult Education ESL positions.  As Minnesota licenses are often accepted in the other 49 States and various territories of the United States, anyone completing the K-12 ESL license in Minnesota should be able to qualify for ESL K-12 employment in almost every state and territory of the US, and as this qualification would be through the TESL MA, such a graduate should also qualify for ESL K-12 positions in states such as California where all teachers are required to have at least an MA degree.  This license has also been accepted for teaching ESL in K-12 International Schools throughout the world.

At the same time, for online students, the K-12 ESL license taken simultaneously with the TESL MA are only for teachers with State licenses in non-ESL areas:  e. g. elementary education, K-12 P. E., secondary math, etc.  If someone without such a license wanted to complete the K-12 ESL license through SCSU, he or she would have to complete the Secondary Education Sequence through on-campus SCSU courses.

Lastly, even with another teaching license, the K-12 ESL license requires more than course work.  The teacher candidate would need to pass the Praxis II:  ESOL exam and would need to fulfill student teaching requirements.

For more information email the TESL Director, Jim Robinson at:  jhrobinson@stcloudstate.edu.

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