TESL Master's Program

For both students and faculty, graduation marks both endings and beginnings.  The student has ended their studies and is beginning a new phase in his or her career.  The faculty members see those who were formal students becoming professionals and in some cases colleagues in our field of study.

For Graduation, we have both bureaucratic and ceremonial processes.  On the bureaucratic side, students can graduate 26 different times a year or every other week on a specific calendar.  In other words, as soon as a thesis or starred paper has been approved by the thesis committee, approved for formatting, and bound, a student can within two weeks receive a date on their transcript for the degree awarded.

On the ceremonial-side, the graduate hooding ceremony is the formal graduation ceremony for all graduate degrees.  This hooding ceremony brings together the student, the thesis chair, and the dean of the Graduate School together on a stage where the later two hood the student in a ceremony that has a long history in Euro-American history at least.  This ceremony is held twice a year:  once in Fall and once in Spring.  The specific time and dates can be found in the SCSU academic calendar at:

While students may complete the graduate hooding ceremony before they have completed all the requirements for the MA, the Graduate Steering Committee in the English Department has determined that following criteria for the degree need to be completed:

  1. All enrollments in the courses in the program need to have been completed; and
  2. The preliminary proposal meeting for the thesis needs to have been completed.

For online students, as we require that the final thesis meeting be face-to-face, we suggest that you come to St. Cloud on a weekday for your final thesis or starred paper conference and then stay in St. Cloud for the hooding ceremony on either Friday evening in Fall or Sunday morning in Spring.  More details about graduation can be found at:

For more information email the TESL Director, Jim Robinson at:

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