Grades and Maintaining Graduate Standing

TESL Master's Program

After admission to the TESL MA, students have to maintain their graduate student status by successfully completing their graduate course work.

Maintaining graduate student status

As with all graduate students at SCSU, students in the TESL MA program have to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher in order to maintain their graduate standing in the program.

With the exception of thesis credits in English 699, all course grades follow the typical A, B, C, D, F form of grading. For graduate students, only grades of A, B or C can count. Grades of C- or lower in courses mean that these courses will not count for the graduate program, but these grades will count for your graduate GPA. In other words, if a student receives a C grade in a course, that student would also need to have at least one A grade in another course and have at least B grades in all other courses in order to maintain a 3.0 GPA and to maintain his or her graduate status at SCSU.

If a student’s grades fall below the 3.0 GPA requirement, the student and the TESL Director will be informed of the problem by the Graduate School and will be asked to develop a plan to rectify this program within a stated period of time.  The student would need to contact the TESL Director and develop a plan to restore the student’s graduate standing with a GPA of 3.0.  If the student does not contact the TESL Director or if the plan is not successful, then the student may be dropped from the program and will then be prevented from completing the TESL MA.

Thesis Credits and Grades

Grades for thesis credits, English 699, are handled differently.  When the students take the thesis credits, the professor will give the student an in-progress or IP grade.  After the student has completed the thesis, the Graduate School will then change the IP grades to S.  In some cases, if progress toward the thesis has not been made for an extended period of time, the Graduate School may change an IP grade to U.  Students can still complete the thesis even after a grade has been changed to an U, and then have the grade changed to an S.

Incompletes and In-progress grades

Students may also request Incompletes or I grades for courses or be given in-progress or IP grades for some courses based on the digression of the professor teaching the course.  I or IP grades are not normally given without good reason and without a request from the student.  If a student has an emergency that means the student is not able to complete a course, then the student needs to contact the faculty member teaching the course and ask for an I or IP grade.  If the professor grants this request, the student has until the end of the next semester to complete the course:  Spring if the I or IP was given in Fall; or Fall is the I or IP was given in Spring or Summer.  If the course has not been completed by that time and the professor has not processed a grade change form, the Registrar will change the I or IP grade to an F grade automatically.  Such an action would obviously have a very negative impact on student GPA and may threaten the student’s academic standing.

For Students with English Department Graduate Assistantships

Additionally, for continuing graduate assistantships, the Graduate Steering Committee of the English Department requires that students seeking renewal of a graduate assistantship have no more than one I or IP grade, except for English 699 or thesis credits, on their transcripts before they begin a their second year of a graduate assistantship.

For students on Financial Aid

Lastly, students who receive I or IP grades need to know that for financial aid purposes these grades are considered to be unsuccessful completion of course work and that students can be denied future financial aid if 75% of previous course work is unsuccessful.  For more information, students need to contact the financial aid office:

For more information email the TESL Director, Jim Robinson at:

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