David Heine, Professor, Ph. D. 1987, Indiana University-Bloomington:  Reader response & critical literacy, reading process, literacy instruction, and literacy issues for second language learners.

Choonkyoung Kim, Associate Professor, Ph. D. 1996, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:  Vocabulary acquisition, Psycholinguistic aspects of L2 learning, Reading in L2, writing in L2, ESL program evaluation, L2 Teacher education; Cross-linguistic phenomena, and Instructional strategies for teaching ESL; quantitative research; English, Korean, and Spanish.

Ettien Koffi, Associate Professor, Ph. D. 1990, Indiana University-Bloomington:  grammar, English syntax, morphology, phonology, descriptive linguistics, sociolinguistics, history of the English language, cognitive linguistics, cross-cultural pragmatics; English, French, Greek, Hebrew, and Spanish.

John Madden, Assistant Professor, Ph. D. 2004, University of Texas-Austin:  K-12 ESL and foreign language education, ESL listening comprehension, CALL, ESL for non-ESL K-12 teachers; English, Spanish, and Swahili.

James H. Robinson, Professor, Ph. D. 1983, Sanford University:  K-12 ESL teaching/learning, ESL writing, contrastive rhetoric, intercultural communication in the classroom; ethnographic research; ESL for non-ESL K-12 teachers; English and Korean.

Suzanne Ross, Professor, Ph. D. 1989, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:  composition and linguistics; literature and linguistics; English and Spanish.

Suellen Rundquist, Professor, Ph. D. 1991, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities:  syntax, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, second language acquisition, gender and language; English and French.

Ramon Serrano, Professor, Ph. D. 1994, Pennsylvania State University:  gangs and literacy, writing and at risk students, connecting at risk students with elders and literacy, ELL literacy, and non traditional form of literacy; English and Spanish.

Mary Teutsch-Dwyer, Professor, Ph. D. 1995, Stanford University:  ESL reading or writing research, Second language acquisition, learning/teaching styles; intercultural communication in the classroom; cognitive and functional linguistics; case study research; English and Polish.

For more information email the TESL Director, Jim Robinson at:  jhrobinson@stcloudstate.edu.

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