Culminating Projects: Thesis and starred papers

TESL Master's Program

The Thesis or Starred Paper Committee
Thesis or Starred Paper Committee Meetings
TESL MA Thesis and Starred Papers through Fall 2006 (Excel .xls format)

TESL MA students can choose one of two options in their MA:  1)  to write a thesis, or 2)  to write two starred papers.  A thesis is generally about 60 pages and each of two starred papers would be about 30 pages each, and so the writing for both these options is about the same quantitatively speaking.  For a thesis, students are encouraged to do research in an area of interest from their course work or perhaps from their previous teaching experience.  For starred papers, students generally take two papers written in their course work and then expand them.  Generally speaking, we expect that one of the two papers will include data collection and analysis while the other paper could simply be a focused review of research on a specific topic. For advice on this process, please feel free to contact the TESL Director.  While theses and starred papers are two different options in the TESL MA, the process of completing these two options is somewhat similar.

For more information email the TESL Director, Jim Robinson at:

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