TESL MA online program Cost

TESL Master's Program

The tuition, fees, and books expenses for the TESL MA online will vary from year to year.  For 2008, these costs are approximately $1,200 per course for tuition, fees and books or a total of $14,000 for the ten courses in the program and for the six credits of thesis. 
Additional cost for the program could include tuition, fees and books for English 361, the pre-requisite for the program, and for the final thesis conference and your graduation that will be in St. Cloud, Minnesota.
For updated program tuition information, please see the following web page in Continuing Studies:  http://www.stcloudstate.edu/continuingstudies/distance/tuition.asp.   You need to scroll down to the heading for Online/Self Paced Study Courses.
Payment information for these courses can be found at:  http://www.stcloudstate.edu/billing/
Please also be aware that tuition and fees need to be paid before classes begin on a regular pre-determined schedule.  For example, courses taken in Spring 2008 needed to have been paid for by January 2, 2008.  The payment schedule for courses can be found at the following web site: http://www.stcloudstate.edu/billing/payment/

For more information email the TESL Director, Jim Robinson at:  jhrobinson@stcloudstate.edu.
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